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The Full Look is a creative outlet for aspiring fashion and beauty multi-hyphenate, Jane Bradshaw, to explore the world of fashion, beauty, health and travel in an intellectual way. There is a particular focus on brands, products and activities that root themselves in sustainability, celebrate diversity and are beneficial to both mental and physical wellness. This website also serves as a portfolio for Jane's creative work. 


PHRASE. All encompassing appearance of a person. Includes styling, beauty, and energy. 

ORIGIN: Canada. Blog started in 2016. 








PODCASTS and videos

THE FASHION STATEMENT - S1/E1: "Introduction"

QFIN Co-Chairs Avery Johnstone and Jane Bradshaw sit down to introduce their club and discuss their interests in the fashion industry.

THE FASHION STATEMENT - S1/E2 "WTF is wrong with fashion?"

In the second installment of the podcast, QFIN Co-Chairs Avery Johnstone and Jane Bradshaw get real about some of the industry's biggest issues: sexual harassment, sexual assault, body image, social media and more.


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