I am a fashion fanatic, matcha lover, spin enthusiast and a stage mom for my golden retriever, Beau. I am a dual-citizen of the UK and Canada (thanks, Dad), but I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I grew up playing competitive sports, ultimately falling in love with volleyball and competing at a national level. I started modelling at age 15, and took a gap year after graduating high school to move to Milan, Italy and pursue fashion full time. I am now a psychology student at Queen's University in my third year of studies. 



In high school, I was an active member of my school's newspaper, Graffiti. I joined the editorial board, first as an advisor (2012-13), then as the Arts & Cultures editor (2013-14), and finally as the Editor-in-Chief (2014-15). During this time, I was also a participant in the Global Ideas Institute and held executive positions on the Charity Week Committee, North Toronto Charity Fashion Show, and the North Toronto Athletics Association. I also played competitive volleyball on club teams and was selected as one of the athletes for the Volleyball Canada Centre for Excellence. 


I am lucky to have had the opportunity to take a year off from my studies and grow through travel. During my gap year, I moved to Milan, Italy, and worked with brands such as Vogue Italia, BluGirl, Vivetta, and Moschino. I also enjoyed a couple of months living in Washington D.C. with family friends, and working at a high end consigment shop in Toronto and as a counsellor for the overnight camp I attended for 8 years throughout my childhood. 


My ambition and community involvement has continued with me into university. In my freshman year, I joined MUSE Magazine as their frosh rep and, within a month, was promoted to be a co-head of the Marketing Team. I also was on the Events Team for Vogue Charity Fashion Show and ran the social media accounts for Spoon University - Queen's Chapter. During the summer after first year, I was a Digital Marketing Intern for a local tea and wellness company called Sahara & Co, where I gained experience in business operations, as well as ran the social media accounts and created all marketing material for the company. 


In my second year, I maintained my active presence on campus, running the social media for both Spoon University - Queen's Chapter and the Get Your 150 Fitness Ambassador Initiative, contributing to MUSE Magazine as a member of the Creative Team, and working at the Athletics and Recreation Centre. I also founded and is the Co-Chair of Queen's Fashion Industry Network, a community aimed at helping students learn skills and develop networks within the global fashion industry. The organization grew into a twenty-person Executive Team, run by myself and a friend, and an 80+ Membership group of current students and alumni alike. 


I am working for Dress to Kill Magazine as an Assistant Editor, as well as taking on a Contributing Producer role for consulting & content creation company, Su La Po. 

At school, I am the Online Director for MUSE Magazine, responsible for all of the digital content published by the magazine. I am also a part of the Project Red Charity Fashion Show as the Creative Director. I am also extremely fortunate to be going on exchange for the winter semester, attending University College Maastricht in The Netherlands.

looking ahead

Professional: I have career aspirations to work in the fashion industry, with interests in content creation, media relations, and fashion buying. 

Personal: Since I was a little girl, I have strongly identified with my British heritage. From the first time we went to visit family in England, I knew I wanted to move to London when I was older. When I moved to Milan, my obsession with the UK broadened to encompass Europe as a whole, as I became infatuated with the milder temperatures, rich cultural history and fresh cuisine. I love Canada, but my dream is to live and work in London, and now perhaps mainland Europe, for a period of time.