I am experienced in producing a wide variety of creative content. My main focuses are writing, styling, creative direction and social media. I am proficient in iMovie, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop/InDesign), Microsoft Office, WordPress, Squarespace and GSuite. I have beginner level knowledge of HTML and CSS, and looking to participate in introductory coding courses in the near future. 

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I have been tasked on numerous occasions to produce layouts, pamphlets, and other media for various projects and clients. 
Some examples of these can be seen throughout my Creative Direction and Social Media portfolios. I will post some examples of my commissioned work below, however, I have various other examples of work of layouts and graphics. If you are interested in my art direction and graphic design work, please feel free to send me an email via my contact page, and I'd be happy to send along samples of my work. 


Although I have no formal training in photography, and most of my photos are taken on my iPhoneSE or my 8 year old Canon Rebel DSLR, I do have a strong interest in photography. It is important that I upkeep a certain aesthetic when I take photos, and try to post as much as I can on this blog, on my instagram feed or on VSCO. Again, if you are interested in seeing more of my photography work, please send me a message via my contact page


I will start to publish some of my videography work very soon. Stay tuned!